Password Manager – the 6 benefits

Password Security

Written by: Chris Dixon-Hughes

My life mission is to help people where ever I can, using the skill and expertise I’ve developed over the years. A geek since my family’s first IBM XT in the 80’s. I saw a niche in the security side of the technology business, which is why I put my focus there and it’s continued to grow and evolve.

November 17, 2021

Password Managers.

How are you supposed to use strong, unique passwords on all websites you use? The solution is a password manager.

In this day and age, the need for good security for your online accounts shouldn’t be in question.

You know you should be using complex and unique passwords for each site, yet I still hear people say…

But it’s soooo hard to remember them all, and isn’t it good enough to have one strong password to make it easier to remember??

Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding NO!

And even more, unfortunately, most people actually use very weak passwords and reuse it on multiple websites all the time.

What’s the issue with reusing passwords?

Even if it is a strong and complex password, using the same password puts you at risk.

The risk is not because your account might be hacked through your password (presuming it’s a strong password).

The trouble is when the company that looks after your account gets hacked another way, potentially giving the bad guys access to your login credentials.

After they get access to this information, they can test it out on any other websites they like!

So it doesn’t matter how strong it is; if you reuse your password, you run the risk of widespread hacked accounts.


The solution is a password manager.

Using a password manager is our preferred option because the password never needs to leave the manager environment. However, there are a number of other more attractive benefits.


So what are the benefits of a Password Manager?

1 – It makes it easy to be secure.

You don’t have to remember lots of passwords or figure out ever-increasing complex passwords. You don’t even need to see or know the passwords, and with the auto generator, it can be crazy complex. Furthermore, all decent password managers have an auto-fill feature you can add to your browser. As the name would suggest, this will automatically fill your credentials into the site for you, with no typing and minimal clicking (if any at all).

2 – A good password manager will monitor for password breaches.

Breach Watch, an outstanding feature not available in all managers, but it’s very convenient and I feel essential. What happens with breach watch is the password manager will securely check all your passwords against the ever-growing database of compromised passwords and will alert you if any of them are found so you can change them. To me, this feature alone makes it worth having a password manager!

3 – Share securely with colleagues (with the same password manager).

When teams or families use the same manager, you can quickly and securely share account credentials within the manager ecosystem. In some cases, you can even set it up so the recipient can’t see the password but still use it to access the resource.

4 – Change your passwords easily.

With a good password manager, it’s straightforward to change your password. Just go to the page where you can change it, and the manager should pick up that you are trying to change the stored password and help you through the process with a confirmation that the process worked on the site before updating its records. Super easy and secure, you don’t even need to put your eyes on the actual password during the process.

5 – Use it across all your devices.

Update the password on your mobile, and it is available on your computer in seconds. Anything less is not good enough for a password manager these days.

6- Only Remember One Password.

Obviously, you need to log into the manager, and yes, that requires a password. Happily tho this quite often is the last important password you need to remember.

I also recommend activating 2factor authentication to keep things extra secure.


We use a password manager.

There are some significant advantages of using a password manager, and there are many of them out there. I have a password manager I prefer to use and did a lot of research to find what worked for my clients and my business the best.

If you want to find out more about what I use and recommend, please go HERE and book a quick chat with me to discuss if it is the right direction for you.

If you need any assistance or think your password might have fallen into the wrong hands call us or lodge a support ticket in our portal HERE.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.