Is you company data at risk?

Company Data Ransom

Written by: Chris Dixon-Hughes

My life mission is to help people where ever I can, using the skill and expertise I’ve developed over the years. A geek since my family’s first IBM XT in the 80’s. I saw a niche in the security side of the technology business, which is why I put my focus there and it’s continued to grow and evolve.

November 27, 2020

Your company data stored in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are at risk of data loss!

We want to make sure you are keeping your business safe and sound by raising your awareness of heightened risks for your company data associated with SAAS.

So what is SAAS, you ask?

Actually, you are probably using it every day when you access your cloud-based Microsoft 365 Business or Google Workspace applications, these are SAAS applications which stands for Software As A Service. It’s quite often called moving to the cloud.

Businesses, like yours, have been moving more and more of their company data to SAAS applications especially with COVID. This leads to an increase in risks for your business if the proper precautions are not taken.

Keep Company Data Safe.

We are addressing some of these risks by implementing a new 3rd party backup and restore option for you. This will be able to provide you instant access to lost, deleted or potentially encrypted company data on both Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace. In fact, it’s so important that even Microsoft’s own SLA (Service-Level Agreement) suggests it.

Why is it important?

Check out the video below which helps to illustrate just why it is so important to have a 3rd party backup service for your company data on either Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

If you have any issues with the above video CLICK HERE to watch it in another window.

Final Words

Moving to a more cloud-centric model comes with hurdles, including the security of your data, network and infrastructure, but we are here to help. These systems need proper planning and implementation, if you need any support with any of this then for the sake of your business, your employees, your customers and anyone else your business has an impact on don’t hesitate to contact us or make a booking now.